Monday, April 27, 2009

Blogging from the bead cottage

Hello! I'm sitting in the bead cottage, taking a break from making beads. It is a beautiful day today; spring has finally come on full-force. I just love it. I just looked out the window and was really happy to see the shadow of the weather vane on top of the bead cottage spin in the breeze. The lilies of the valley have sprouted and some are four inches tall already. I put up the hummingbird feeder to catch them early. I haven't seen any yet but I hope to by the end of this week.

Java has completed her course of acupuncture and is holding steady, which is great. She is loving the porch and the huge patches of sun she can lie in. I told Robert today that I think she's part plant with her love of the sun.

Baseball season is well underway and the Red Sox are exceeding all expectations. The last homestand was fabulous, capped with a sweep of the dreaded evil nasty NY Yankees. I love this time of year.

I'm loving the Prius and I have no regrets about trading in my SUV. Oh and I got my nose pierced about three weeks ago. I love it.