Sunday, July 05, 2009

I got a new phone! It's so cute. I hope I don't hate it the way I hated the last new one I got. I ended up going back to an old one until I could find a new one that I thought I would like. My requirements were: it had to have a place for a cell phone charm, it had to be a cute color and have a QWERTY keyboard for texting. I found this little blue phone and it's perfect! I made myself a new charm out of one of my spare beads.

On another note, Java is doing really well *knock wood*. We are still keeping the restrictions on her, so her back doesn't get any worse, but for now she is doing great. Today she is loving the return of the sun and celebrating it by lying in a sunbeam on the porch. The other day I caught Gary lying down next to Java, which she doesn't allow very often. I was able to snap a quick pic.

I'm so happy the sun is back out. I took out the hammock and showed Robert the joy of sitting in it and looking at the sky. Today was just perfect weather-wise, sunny, mid-70's and breezy. I could almost say that this day makes up for the last three weeks of rain. Almost.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Wow, I completely managed to not post in June. Huh! That's funny because a lot of new things have gone on. First of all, I got a tattoo! It's Java's pawprint on my inner ankle. I've always wanted a tattoo but could never think of something I'd want to have forever. I know that I want Java forever, which obviously can't happen, so I'll settle for her pawprint.

Second is that we went to another game at Fenway. We watched the Red Sox cream the Yankees 7-0. It was a great game (for a Red Sox fan) and ended up being a great series. We were on TV, being 9 rows behind home plate. I DVR'd it and I go back and watch the little section where you can see us.

Third is that we spent a fun weekend in New York City. Although it's enemy territory we had a blast. People didn't even mind us using our Red Sox credit card all over the place. We saw two shows: Waiting for Godot and Wicked. Our hotel was amazing and very welcoming. We did a little shopping and went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Saturday.

So that's a five minute recap of June. Hopefully I'll be better about blogging in July.