Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I keep a camera in the living room, ready to snap pictures of cool birds or animals that I see. I finally unloaded them onto my computer and I'm seeing that this batch goes back a long way, into February. Here's a lone cardinal in the icy trees:

And a little red squirrel on the dog ramp:

Today I took this one of a rose-breasted grosbeak at the window feeder. He is not all that bright. He kept landing on the top of the feeder and trying to eat the seeds through the roof. He got a little upset, either at his reflection or maybe it was his frustration at not getting to the seeds. His wife comes to this feeder and she goes to the proper place, so maybe she can teach him.

On the Java front, things are going pretty well. I bring her to various appointments three times a week, so my life is kind of consumed with that. She's walking pretty well and she's definitely back to her feisty self.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Java again!

Yesterday was Java's PT day. She wore her green dress to keep her warm and protect her back from the sun. She looked so cute that Dr. Silver brought her back to the neurology department to show her techs how adorable Java is. I took a movie of her on the treadmill, which she hated. But I think it really helped.