Thursday, June 30, 2011

Here are some pond pictures. The first is a tadpole along with a closeup.

Here are the goldfish, after just being fed. They're not usually at the surface, as they like to hide.

A shot of our first water lily. It is not quite open all the way.

Miscellaneous pond. I don't see anything terribly interesting to point out here.

This is the water lily opened up all the way. I'm glad I took this picture that day because the next day it did not open at all. We have another two flowers coming up; probably sometime this weekend. One is from the red plant and another is from the yellow, same as the one below.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

We have tadpoles! I guess it's inevitable when you have a bunch of frogs hanging around your pond that you'd wind up with baby frogs, but it was still a nice surprise to see them for the first time this morning. We put in 6 goldfish (29 cents each) last week and yesterday was the first time we saw them. I think it's because of two things: the pond was very dark, almost coffee colored, and now it's clearing up; and I think that the fish hid down near the bottom for a while. It's very fun to sit and watch them. This afternoon I sat in my hammock next to the pond and fell asleep.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Today is Cheeseburger Day for Joe Stains, a Boston Terrier who went to the Rainbow Bridge this week. We had followed his blog for many years and always loved to read of his adventures, even if he was the world's biggest Yankees fan. We will miss him, and we didn't even know him in real life. So in honor of Joe, the dogs got to split a cheeseburger. The humans had salads.

Just plain, please.

The first two bites are gone.

Sitting pretty and waiting patiently for more.

A split second later, it was gone.

Watch those teeth, those are my fingers, Bobby!

Java loves cheeseburgers!

It reminds me of when Barney was having his eye problems. He had to have a keratotomy to make his eye ulcer heal, so afterwards I brought him to Burger King for the healing power of a cheeseburger. He loved it.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

We planted the pond the other day. All the plants are in the water without pots, except for the water lilies. They need to be too deep, so we'll wait until next spring when we change the water in the pond to plant them. I'd need a scuba mask to plant them now. Ick. There was a little garter snake hanging out in the rocks watching us, or maybe it was after the frogs in the pond. We saw three different kinds of frogs in the pond that day. We're putting some goldfish in soon.