Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back from the Gathering

This is me at the torch, unlit. Whenever I go to the Gathering, I get very inspired by other people and the work that they do. Not the resulting beads themselves, but the process people go through and how much they work to achieve their end result. I really admire glass beadmakers who are artists, rather than just craftspeople. I tend to think of myself as the latter, but I aspire to be the former. I think the key difference for me is the time spent at the torch and also taking time to think about my beads and where I would like them to take me.

After every Gathering Amy and I swear we will take more time to make beads. Usually we try to get together, but this time we're going to be more realistic and each torch separately, but post to a common blog. We'll be setting up a WordPress blog where we can both post and comment on each other's work. So look for a link to that in the near future.

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