Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wow. It has been ages since I updated my blog. I just have been so consumed with making beads for the show a couple of weeks ago that I kept postponing it until I had something to say. I don't necessarily have anything to say today but I thought I'd better write something just to keep my account active.

I made beads like crazy for the show in Watertown. It went well. I got a lot of compliments on my work, which was really nice. I think compliments, gushing, and oohing and aahing over things that I make means more to me than the money. Which is lucky. LOL. I definitely felt the pinch of today's bad economy.

We are renovating our guest bathroom these days. I think there's something that renovating your home has in common with childbirth (not that I would know, but I've heard) and puppies. The end result is so awesome that you forget the complete pain that it is after it's over (or the baby is born or the puppy is grown up) so you keep doing more (or having more babies or adopting more puppies). So everything is in and is coming together quickly and it's a small room and it won't be nearly as painful as last summer's remodel was.

This weekend I'm heading up to Maine for a class with Leah Fairbanks. I've heard what a great teacher she is and I'm eager to learn what she has to teach. Her beads are incredibly complex lifelike raised florals which isn't exactly my bead style but it's good to learn from as many people as you can.

The Red Sox are doing fantastic. Tonight's game may be a loss, but they've won the last 10 straight or something like that. And they're doing this well with a whole bunch of the starting players either on the DL or down with the flu.

Not much else is new. So I guess that's it for me. I hope to re-energize my blogging and post here more often.

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