Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to real life

I'm back from the Gathering in Rochester. It was a blast as always, but especially so this year. I really enjoyed myself and learned a bunch of new things. I took Caitlin Hyde's class afterwards. I don't usually love post-Gathering classes because it's a little bit of a let-down because all my friends are gone but this year the fact it was a post-Gathering class was fine. I was ready for some down-time. I still prefer pre-Gathering classes because of the anticipation, but I won't be afraid to take a post-Gathering class anymore.

I spent last weekend at the lakes - Newfound and Northwood. I spent a few extra days with my family because my sister Martha is on vacation. We went to the yarn store and ordered the yarn for our next major knitting project - the Einstein Coat. I'm going to use Lamb's Pride Bulky in Cafe au lait. It's really pretty.

I still haven't had a chance to make beads yet but I think I will do so this week.

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