Friday, January 11, 2013

Today is my friend Shannon's memorial service. She died after eating her usual peanut butter on toast for breakfast, from anaphylactic shock. How weird and random is that? And it just shows us how fragile life can be. It just isn't fair that someone so funny and pretty and full of life  and love should die so young for such a stupid reason as eating peanut butter, which she did EVERY DAY! I knew her online only, but that doesn't make the loss or the hurt any less real.We interacted together on the Woofboard, a Boston Terrier forum.

In the past when one of my online acquaintances died, I felt a loss of an opportunity to get to know them, as they were all just people I knew of, not really that I knew. I feel differently with Shannon because I feel like she was a friend, not just an online friend. It's just so, so sad. She was so kind to me when Java died and took the time to send me some kind words to help me feel better. I just wish that things had turned out differently. Rest in peace, dear Shannon. We will miss you.

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