Tuesday, December 04, 2007

There are only two main things left to do in our construction: replace the boiler and paint the house. The first is being done today. The second, I don't know when. It seems to me that it's too cold to paint outside these days and the fresh 4 inches of snow doesn't help things, either. Although the snow does make everything look very Christmas-like.

Speaking of Christmas, I'm really trying to get into the spirit. I've been playing Christmas music, especially my father's favorite: Handel's Messiah. I put up our Christmas tree and decorations. We put the wreaths up on the house and put the candles in the windows. But the pain is still there. I guess it always will be there. I do love Christmas decorations, especially white lights. They help me think back fondly on old Christmases and my Dad and remember how safe and warm and loved I felt.

Here's an awesome website for Red Sox info and she has an online Red Sox advent calendar, too! I look forward to clicking on it every day: Center Field.

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