Monday, January 07, 2008

This is my first political blog entry. I think it's fitting as it comes on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, when the nation turns its eye to my tiny state. Every 4 years this state is overrun with celebrities and politicians and journalists and volunteers. It's a very exciting time. It's cool to wake up and see national news media in Manchester on TV, or to walk down the street in Manchester and see Stephen King walking toward you (this happened to me in 1984). It's like all of a sudden for a few days the voters in New Hampshire are the pretty girl and the politicians are her suitors.

On the other hand, all that comes with a price. On the way home from church yesterday, what we thought was a traffic snarl due to an accident turned out to be people parking a mile away from the high school where Hillary Clinton was speaking. Then as we turned down our road, we were again in a traffic snarl on our little country road because Rudy Giuliani was at a house party in our neighborhood. People from three different campaigns came to our door on Sunday (we get maybe 3 drop-ins in a whole year). And the phone calls! We must have gotten 10-15 phone calls interrupting us on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We, like 45% of NH voters, are registered independents. So I can vote either way, and we get bombarded by every side.

With all this courting of us as voters, I still don't know who to vote for. I'm a fairly liberal person so I tend to vote for the Democrats. I really can't make up my mind between the three leading democrats. I think I'd be happy if any one of them were the nominee. On the other hand, I'm pretty against Mitt Romney as a republican nominee. I think he's a panderer and the ultimate flip-flopper. I've just read too many contradictory positions from him when he was running against Kennedy for Senator back in the 90's, when he was running for Governor of Massachusetts and now that he's running for President. Huckabee, while for some reason I really appreciate his sense of humor (Chuck Norris approved) - at least I hope it's humor - uses the word "irregardless" and we cannot have that. So I've been thinking about crossing the aisle and voting for McCain, in an effort to defeat Romney.

So those are my options. I don't think I know what I will do until I walk into the high school tomorrow.

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