Sunday, January 10, 2010

More knitting and other stuff

Here are some knitting projects I finished recently. This is a cowl. You wear it on your neck to keep warm. It's kind of like a neck hat, LOL. No ends to tuck in or worry about like with a scarf. I like it. It's made from Malabrigo Marino Worsted, one of my new favorite yarns.

This is the same hat I made for my mother in law, only in red instead of blue. I made it from some other merino that kind of matched the Malabrigo, which I couldn't find any more of. It's missing the orangey notes of the cowl, but it's close enough.

And here is me, wearing both and taking a picture of myself.

They will definitely keep me warm this winter.

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Anonymous said...

you look like you're ready to rob a bank jajajaja....