Monday, September 13, 2010

Snow Farm

This weekend Robert and I went to Snow Farm, a craft center in Western Massachusetts. The Boston Chapter rents it out for its members and offers classes in glassblowing, fusing, welding and bead-weaving. I chose to lampwork and made butterfly beads for Beads of Courage. Robert welded and made a nifty stand for his gas-powered forge.

Here's our comfy room. We have to bring our own bed linens. I used the ones from my guest room. I love them because they're cozy and warm and I only get to use them this once a year.

The campus is really special. It is on a hill, surrounded by other hills and has fruit trees and other ornamental trees all around. Also, there is art every place you look. I love that. Here's the pond:

And a big bullfrog:

Here's Robert explaining to me what he's making:

This is the welding barn. I love the decoration on the doors:

The view as you drive up:

An apple tree:

The dorm we stayed in:

Some knitting time after torching:

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