Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The pond has been all planted and is almost ready for winter. The pump will be removed and stored in a bucket of water for the winter and a recirculator will be put in the bottom of the pond to keep the water from freezing solid. There is a net over the top to prevent the fall leaves from gunking up the bottom of the pond. I can't wait until it's time to plant the water plants and to put fish in. Hurry spring!

Java is still getting better. No sign of any relapse so far. I was actually able to get out to the studio a couple of days this week and make some beads. Having new glass and new techniques to try sure helps my motivation. I also want to reorganize my bead room upstairs so it's a pleasant place to be. That's going to be my project for the winter.

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Anonymous said...

Your pond is beautiful! The plantings arelovely and the bench adds that 'just perfect' touch.
What a spot for meditating with the pond's soft gurgling.