Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last night I searched and searched for my ATM card. I had taken it out of my wallet when I was in Italy and left it in the apartment and it was still in the case where we kept it when we got home on Sunday. I saw it on Monday because I looked for it after I realized it wasn't in my wallet when I was in the grocery store earlier that day. So yesterday I went to use it thinking it was back in my wallet where I put it on Monday and it wasn't there. I searched and searched the suitcases and the places where I thought it was and couldn't find it. Finally we called the bank and reported it missing. They offered me a replacement either by mail or by walking into any branch. I chose to get a new card in person, as it would be faster. So as I'm sitting in the bank, waiting for the branch manager to make my new card, I take out my checkbook and what falls out? My missing ATM card! I was very embarrassed and I hope no one watches the security tape to see my shame.

Here are some of the horses I sculpted in the Lucio Bubacco class. My favorites are the blue one and the one we attached to the bead.

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