Sunday, May 01, 2011

The robins have built their nest this year on the light right outside the kitchen door. This is not the most-used door in the house, that would be the garage door, but it's close. There is a lot less traffic at this door than at the dog door, where they built last year. Here's a close-up.

I'm looking forward to watching them bring up their babies. Mrs. Robin started sitting on the nest yesterday so I'm thinking that we'll have babies by the time we return from our trip to Murano.

We have fiddleheads! Not the eating kind, though.

And our beautiful cherry tree. The hummingbird was visiting it yesterday. I love spring.


amy said...

Are you sure the fiddleheads are the wrong kind? They look right in the picture. Your yard looks beautiful.

JavaGirlBT said...

LOL. The ferns were planted by the pond as part of the design, so we're not going to eat these particular ones.

Hey I never knew you were supposed to boil them first. I hope I didn't poison us.