Friday, July 08, 2011

We have lived here for 10 years and when we moved in there was this spiky plant in the front yard. Over the years it has gotten bigger but has never bloomed. I've since learned that this is a yucca plant, and this year it's blooming. It grew this tall spiky thing and it is just now starting to open.

The flowers are large bell-shaped white blooms. Kind of pretty when you look closer.

I have noticed other peoples' yuccas blooming lately. Are they all on some 10-year cycle or did I just have to wait until my plant got big enough or old enough? It's a cool plant.

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Judith said...

at least you have a yucca that will re-bloom. Over the past 3 years 3 of my large AZ yuccas have bloomed and died. They call them century plants as they live a long time, then bloom once and that's it for the plant! Enjoy your plant the blloms are beautiful.