Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When I win the lottery I'm going to set up a foundation to help people who need life-saving treatments and surgeries for their pets. It has to be the worst feeling in the world, knowing that there is something that will save your sick pet but you cannot afford it. I am very lucky that I've been able to give Java all the surgeries she needed to make her well and take away her pain and I know it. I wish everyone were as fortunate. While rescues and shelters also need help with funds, there are charities that help them. As far as I know there are no charitable resources for private pet care. Anyway I know this is a pipe dream, because I hardly ever play the lottery.

I'm not trying to get my readers to chip in for Jake, but it's rather an example of what I'm saying. This little dog was adopted by my friends after his aged owner couldn't care for him any more. He has been a wonderful addition to their lives. He somehow ate part of a tennis ball and it became stuck in his gut. They brought him to the emergency vet on Sunday but no surgeon was available. While undergoing surgery yesterday, his intestines ruptured in two places, necessitating an additional surgery at another facility with a more skilled surgeon. So now his surgery is going to cost mega-bucks and they just don't have it. To rub salt in the wound, the second hospital wanted 75% of the cost up front. Here's more information: Jake Info. I hope he makes it. The next 48 hours are crucial and we're pulling for him.

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