Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I haven't been able to get on the torch since the Gathering because my best friend from High School came to visit for a few days. I showed her how to make a bead and wanted her to try, but she was not eager to. So we had a nice time together but it didn't leave me any time for my artistic endeavors.

So our houseguest has moved on and now it's time to sit down at the torch in a serious way. My bench this morning looked like the above, so I cleaned it and now it looks like the pictures below. I needed a clean start. I even swept the floor and Robert helped me by vacuuming.

I only made a few beads, but that's OK. I warmed up by testing out one of the new Double Helix test batches I got at the Gathering. It was a quick one to sell out there, so when I got home I ordered more online. It looks amazing in the sample beads. I hope my beads come out as well.

Then after lunch I took on an off-mandrel project, which was the subject of Libby's class I took at the Gathering. The class gave me a lot more confidence with working off mandrel. I didn't feel rushed. I felt OK! It is a daisy - an off-mandrel flower with a Boston Terrier in the middle. Yellow background in the middle and white petals. I'm going to send it to my friend Cari, who has a Boston named Daisy.

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Amy said...

Nice post and what a clean space!