Monday, November 03, 2014

At the vet with Lilo

I'm sitting in the waiting room of a place I expect to become very familiar with over the next couple of months.

Last year, Lilo had a cancerous tumor removed from her side. A year later, at a routine follow-up appointment our vet found a new lump growing in the same spot. It was removed and found to be the same kind of cancer, only a lot more aggressive.

The plan is for Lilo to undergo a series of radiation treatments to kill any left over cells that weren't removed. We will be coming here every day for three weeks to get that treatment. She's here today for some preliminary tests to make sure she doesn't have any cancer growing elsewhere in her body. We're hoping for a clear report.

I just heard from the vet and she has a nodule on her spleen so they're going to aspirate it so we know what we're dealing with. Results by Wednesday. While this is not news I wanted to hear, the vet did say that the spleen regenerates itself and can develop regenerative nodules which are benign, and she said that the nodule didn't look like anything to worry about.  

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