Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I wish dogs could talk -- sometimes

Lately Bobby has been distressing me with his behavior. He is acting really anxious about something and we cannot figure out what. The night it started I thought it was bloat - after dinner he was pacing, panting, kept jumping up on me - so we rushed him to the vet. We have seen 3 different vets over 5 different appointments and he has a clean bill of health, physically. This is good but it hasn't stopped his clinginess. He jumps on me, shivering and panting, while I'm sitting in the kitchen. He's not happy or relaxed unless I'm in the living room on the couch or chair with him, or in bed with him. We have given him herbal calming treats and his Comfort Zone spray is arriving this afternoon. This morning he's showing a little improvement. He hasn't jumped up on me in an hour or so and he even played a little with me and with Lilo.

This kind of thing is so hard to figure out. It doesn't help that soon he's going to the kennel for a short stay. I tend to worry about them anyway and I'm desperate to get his anxiety under control before we drop him off. I have considered that maybe he's picking up on my anxiety and is trying to lead me to the living room so that I'll relax, because when he does, I do.

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