Thursday, April 05, 2007

Today is the day that my Mom and Dad were to fly home from Florida for the summer. So I'm finding it a little hard today, thinking of the "if only's". Plus today is the start of the Masters, possibly the most beautiful golf tournament on TV. My father would work like a dog on taxes all day, get up early to go into the office, and then he'd come home and watch the Masters. He'd say "look at the flowers - they're so pretty". The azaleas on that course are famous. My father loved flowers. When he worked at his old law firm (ptooey-ptooey - you have to spit when you say the name of the devil) he would have a small bouquet of flowers delivered each week for his desk. Each of us wants to plant some kind of tree in my father's memory. I think it would be fitting to plant a tree that flowers, like an azalea, or a magnolia. My father has some birth trees - my grandmother planted them the year he was born. They're at the house on the corner of Readey and Elm Streets in Manchester. Now he'll have some memorial trees, too. One in Auburn, one in Newton and one in Hollis. I miss you, Dad. I hope they get the Masters in HD wherever you are.

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