Monday, June 11, 2007

Father's day will mark the 4-month anniversary of my Dad's death. Now the ads for Father's day sales, gifts, restaurants, etc. are all over the place and just serve to remind me that this is the first Father's day when I don't have my father with me. Not that we made a huge deal out of this hallmark holiday or anything. I would make a point of seeing him and bring a card, sometimes a gift. Usually we'd gather at my parents' house and it would just be a nice day of being together. My mom's birthday is in the middle of June, so the two days frequently were close. My father would say "where's my gift?" as if he were really expecting us to get him something. He was a hard person to buy things for. If there were something he wanted for himself, he would buy it. Chances are we couldn't have afforded it anyway. I can remember a couple of Father's day presents I gave him in the last few years. One was a key chain with a bead on it that was supposed to look like a golf ball. He said he liked it. The other was a wine bottle stopper with a glass top that I made. He liked that one.

On a happier note, my mom's 70th birthday is this weekend, so we are taking her out to dinner to a favorite restaurant. I'm looking forward to it.

Oh, and Amy tagged me, so I will have to figure out who to tag next and what to write. Soon. Soon.

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