Friday, May 16, 2008

The renovation of the guest bathroom is humming along. It's a small room, so multiple people (painters, tilers, etc.) can't be in there at the same time, so scheduling becomes more of an issue than with a big room. Today we're getting the granite countertop.

Last night we went to a NH FisherCats game. It was a blast. The awesome electrician who is working on my renovation(s) invited us. He's a coach for the NH Women's Professional Football team, the Freedom. So we were there with a bunch of women football players, who were hooting and hollering cheering for the 'cats. Unfortunately, like the Red Sox recently, the 'cats blew a nice little lead and ended up losing 7-3. It was fun to dodge foul balls and hear the crack of the bat and the thump of the glove live.

In other news, my sister Sarah gave me the awesomest present yesterday. It's a blowup of the Sports Illustrated cover of the World Series Commemorative Edition with Becks on the cover executing a pitch. Right now it's on the mantle in the kitchen. Robert says "I love you, but this is not acceptable." I'll find a new place soon, but for now it's pretty sweet.

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