Saturday, May 17, 2008

This is two pictures of the mantel over the fireplace in the kitchen. The painting is of the Grand Canal in Venice. I loved the colors and thought it would complement the whole "glass" theme of the kitchen. The Red Sox memorabilia mantel has 5 signed balls, my Red Sox lottery ticket, my Red Sox ring raffle tickets, my baseball cards, a framed picture of Josh Beckett (thanks Sarah!), a picture of Jacoby Ellsbury with a cancelled stamp from October 28, 2007 (thank you Arthur), another Jacoby picture from the Boston Globe (thanks Mom!) and a print of a Boston Terrier in a Boston Red Sox uniform (thanks Ebay).

I thought it would be fun to add a poll and see which mantel display people prefer. I have my preference and I'm pretty sure which picture will win. So vote vote vote for your favorite.


Amy said...

Ellen, hands down, that painting!! It's perfect for that room, the colors are amazing, and really rounds the whole look out. The Red Sox could all be very nicely, and prominently, displayed in the living room. Even create a custom shelf... get those bathroom guys on it. They could even have a stacked shelf for the balls to be on their own little steps, or something. But I can't imagine moving that painting out...but if you decide it must go, I'd be happy to "painting sit" for you!

SoxyLady said...

I just saw the comment you left "me" on Tash's I wander over to yours and my worlds also collide. I have that same print of the BT in the Sox uniform (thanks to eBay!) Ha!