Sunday, May 25, 2008

Last night while we were away for the night, something big got into our back yard and knocked down our birdfeeders. The metal posts were bent into 90 degree angles, with the bird feeders resting on the ground. The only thing we can think that could or would do this is a bear. And that completely freaks me out. I've always been a little worried that we'd someday let the dogs outside and out there would be a bear and now it's an actual possibility. It makes me mad, because now we have to stop feeding our cardinals, finches, grosbeaks, orioles, morning doves and sparrows. I had really been enjoying the birds who came into our yard this year. Bears suck.


Amy said...

That is crappy.

I looked for bear deterrents:

It's called Bear Be Gone. Here is the description:

Looks and smells like a trash can, but is actually a Bear Educational device. This proven field tested unit is designed to aid you as a tool in dealing with problem bears. The barrel is baited with food (ie. raw bacon drenched in honey) and armed with bear pepper spray. Once the bear takes the bait, he activates the triggering device and releases a blast of bear pepper spray directly into the bears face. The bear will relate this location with an unpleasant experience and be very reluctant to return. This unit must be used with extreme caution in public areas - warning signs must be posted. There is no long lasting ill-effect from bear pepper spray, but will cause about 15 minutes of severe pain.

To purchase call: Curley's Critter Catchers Mfg. at 909-592-6626 (CA)

Judy said...

I just read about a marsupial called a Fisher? That is a carnivore and is overrunning parts of VT and New Hampshire. It goes after birds, dogs etc. VERY SCARY. I think that is what it is called. It could have easily scaled the fence. Does this make any sense to you?