Thursday, August 28, 2008

Building hugger

I've heard of hugging trees, but never have I heard of hugging a building until this evening when we came home from dinner and I couldn't resist. I hugged the bead cottage. I could feel the love.

Today they started the siding, put in the sliding glass door and the other two doors and finished the electrical roughing-in. I took pictures, but I'll post them tomorrow or Saturday.

I believe in intentions and positive energy, which is why we did all those superstitious things like putting a penny in the sill, the mighty bough on the roof, etc. So while the cottage is covered in Tyvek, we're going to be writing prayers and blessings on it to be covered up by the siding. I did this to a smaller extent when we had the house resided. I don't care if anyone thinks I'm crazy.

This is the prayer I wrote next to the main stairs going in. It's a modern prayer from Jerusalem, Israel:

By gradual steps I rise to the topmost attic of this
house, from which the views are spectacular.
I could rise to the palace of heaven if there were
steps enough.
Let me take two or three steps to the palace of
heaven each day.
Let me think of being a little better, a little kinder,
a little more grateful to you for your gifts,
each time I climb these stairs.

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