Thursday, August 14, 2008

First of all, I have to say that the last two days were extremely creative and productive days for me at the torch. I haven't felt this good about beadmaking for a long, long time. Last weekend at the Gathering I gave away the bracelet of beads that were stolen from me. I had been having a bunch of trouble getting over the funk that being stolen from put me in. And then with my Dad dying not too much after that, I don't think I was in my normal right mind creatively for almost two years! I feel like I'm "back" finally and I think going to the Gathering had something to do with it. Definitely getting rid of the bracelet helped. And looking forward to this awesome building being built helps, too.

The bead cottage is truly a wonder to behold. That just 2 people could build this beautiful building is really amazing. Everything fits together perfectly. The horizontal beams are truly horizontal, for example. I don't take that for granted, because I live in the house that I do.

Yesterday, the riblets were put up for the roof.

Here's a shot of the forge area. The two walls without walls will have telescoping doors, so that Robert can choose to have them open or closed.

This is what they worked on today - the roof and the overhang for the storage area. It looks just like a little sugar shack in Vermont. So cool.

And also they put up the ceiling thingies going across in the bead studio area. These prevent the roof from pushing the walls outward. That would be bad. So I'm going to have a cool tray type ceiling thing going.

Here is the glass hummingbird I got from Vittorio Costantini at the bead bazaar. It's incredibly life-like and stands on its own. That man is amazing.

Here's a haiku for today.

Please don't boo Timlin
He's doing the best he can.
How would you like it?

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