Tuesday, August 19, 2008

There's been a good deal of progress over the last couple days. Yesterday, Tyvekistan made its appearance. This is a view of the forge area.

And the front of the building. The ice & water shield is on the roof.

Here's the side of the building. The roof is sheathed with plywood the whole way around.

I had a good bead day at the torch yesterday, too!

Now today, the rest of the ice & water shield is up as well as the paper on the forge roof:

And Tyvekistan is on the front and side completely:

I had another good day at the torch today, but they're still in the kiln. The weather has turned after a cold front came through and now the air is crisp, cool and dry. Just like it was in Oakland. I could drink it. We opened a bunch of windows in the house and got all the stale air-conditioned air out and let the good air in. It was so nice to feel the cool breeze. It was just glorious. I can't wait to sleep with the fan on and the windows open.

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