Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some beads and some knitting

These are some beads I made the other day. I'm trying to get back into making sets again, so I made a set of Terranova2 rounds. They came out pretty good with lots of color.

And other than making beads, I've been knitting. I've shown some stuff here before but here's some more. This is a pattern I got the link to from my friend Amy's blog. It's a bag that I keep in my purse so that I can go into a store, buy something and not have to use an odious plastic bag. I despise plastic bags because so many of them wind up in trees. I don't want to contribute to that so I refuse those plastic bags. It's more coral than shows up here. My flash went off and the picture I took without the flash was too blurry. I was very impressed with being able to do an I-cord border all by myself!

Now that it's spring, I made myself a scarf! I wanted to learn how to cable, so here is the first project with cabling that I've done. I can wear this next winter.

And here's a shawl/wrap that I made myself. In February I went to a women's group at church and it was held in the chapel, where the heat is really noisy, so in order to hear each other we'd turn the heat off. I'd sit there and freeze! So I modified a pattern in an afghan book by cutting it in half lengthwise. It's made out of cascade 220 wool and it's toasty warm. I used two skeins of different colors at the same time.

I took little Java back to acupuncture yesterday and who was there but one of her regular vets, by coincidence, to observe the acupuncture process. She seems to be doing well pain-wise, but is losing sensation in her rear hind leg, unfortunately. We have her back on the anti-inflammatory drug she was on before in hopes that that helps and she has a follow up with her neurologist on Tuesday. I hope it gets better.


Anonymous said...

wow!! those are all gorgeous! you are doing some fine stuff. Keep it up. but don't stop making beads.

Anonymous said...

I love those round beads! We need a close up!

The bag came out great. I have been procrastinating and letting baby knitting get in the way of finishing mine. I'm glad you found the pattern link useful! I feel the same about plastic bags...odious.

Your other knitting goodies are great! You have been very knittingly productive lately! Go Ellen!

Karlene said...

Ellen, Dear, You never cease to amaze me!!! Not only are your beads GORGEOUS but your knitting is EXTRAORDINARILY EXEMPLARY. It appears that there is no limit to your creativity no matter what milieu you choose to express it in, be it silver work, ceramics, paper, glass beads, photography, and knitting work. KUDOS! KUDOS! My gifted child!