Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The good news is that I finished both socks, and wore them on Sunday. The bad news is that is the last time I'll wear them, because I accidentally felted them in the washing machine today. Here's a picture of how small they are now. My hand barely fits over them.

I guess it's a live and learn situation, but it bugs me because the yarn was expensive and I was so stupid and forgot to put them in the handwash cycle, plus I didn't think that you could felt wool in a front-loading machine. WRONG!

Java is still feeling better. Her pain patch was removed yesterday and there's no difference in her today, which is good. She even jumped on the chair this afternoon, which she is not allowed to do. She had a good acupuncture session yesterday and things for her are moving along. (That was a veiled reference to yesterday's post.)


Carol Tannahill said...

Your socks are beautiful and I have a trick that may save them yet, although giving them to a child would also work. Try using a hair relaxer, which is readily available here in beauty supply stores, then blocking it and air drying. I would test on a small, hidden area, like the bottom of the ball of the foot to see if it does anything to the dye, since I have only used it on neutral colors. I hope you can still enjoy your socks.

Becky said...

What a bummer...they are so pretty and you did such a great job. Guess you will just have to knit another pair....but you are a pro at it now.