Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The good news is that Java is feeling much better after being on the prednisone for a few days. I brought her for a re-check yesterday and the vet thought she was standing much better. I do too. Plus we haven't heard the pain noise she makes since she started the medicine. I'm taking her today for some acupuncture. I'm also bringing a little plant of flowers for the vet who does the acupuncture as a "thank you" from me and a "sorry" from Java for trying to bite her sometimes.

The bad news is that Java hasn't pooped since Sunday. It's funny how animal owners become obsessed with their animals' poop. It's a way of monitoring their health since they can't talk, I guess. Hopefully there will be some movement soon. I'm not sure if I'll update here or not. Probably not.

Another really upsetting thing is that I learned that Java's vet's husband, who is also a vet, is suffering from brain cancer. From what I understand it's just a matter of time for him, and I'm so sad. He has seen my animals on occasion and he is so nice. Plus they've got two little boys under three. I am just devastated for that family. I can only hope for a miracle.

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