Friday, February 19, 2010

Java is having a flare-up of her back problems. It's making me crazy and eating me alive to see her in such pain. She's on a bunch of medication, but I don't know how much relief they're giving her. When she's really bad, she can hardly stand on her back leg; she folds it up under her and sits and looks at me pitifully as if she's saying "why do I hurt so much?"

The good news is that there's medicine we can give her but we have to wait until the old medicine is completely out of her system. So there's a lag time where she's got no anti-inflammatory to ease her pain. Tomorrow morning is the earliest we should give her the steroid. If she's as bad as she was today, she's getting it.

The extra good news is that she was on this medicine twice before and it helped both times, so I have high hopes that it'll work this time.

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