Friday, May 14, 2010

Here are some bird pictures. Above is a goldfinch couple on the bead cottage feeder. Below is a robin's nest that is being built on the downspout of our gutter. It's right near the door to the backyard, so every time I go to let the dogs out - which is pretty often - she flies away. I wonder if she'll stay there or decide to build elsewhere.

Here's mother robin with some nest stuff in her beak.

So my beads sold on ebay the other day. It was quite fun to wake up and see that my beads had gone over $200. When I went to bed I had no bids, so had no hope for them selling. What a nice surprise. I'm very grateful to the two bidders and I hope the winning bidder really loves them.

I just wish my father were here so I could tell him how high my beads went. He'd ask "how many beads?" Then he'd ask "how long did it take you to make them?" Then he'd say that I have to remember to write down all my expenses and include things like propane and heat in addition to my time. He was always trying to figure out if I was getting a good price for my beads as well as telling me how to run my business. Then he'd say "that's pretty good," which meant that he thought I had done pretty well. He liked it when my beads went high.

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