Thursday, May 27, 2010

Martha's dog Katie loves to swim. This is first thing in the morning on Sunday. The lake is so still, except for Katie's ripples.

The hard part is getting her to let go of the toy she swims out to get. Keep away is one of her favorite games.

The loons were so loud Saturday night. I love hearing their calls as I fall asleep. Here's one almost across the lake. This camera is so good!

Around the homefront, we pulled out the dying crabapple tree that the bear knocked over last fall and replaced it with a weeping cherry tree. Underneath is my light-up Buddha that glows at night. It's tacky but I love seeing it lit up at night. I have some more solar yard things on order and I can't wait until they come.

Mrs. Hummingbird is enjoying the feeder. I took this with the "bird" setting on my camera. I'm standing pretty far away so I'm happy with the result.

Here are Mr. and Mrs. Chickadee. The one on the roof has a goody in his mouth. I don't think they are feeding chicks yet, because I can't hear them peeping, but I could be wrong and they're just quiet.

Another butterfly I'm going to have to identify. These orange ones are hard to differentiate.

I just looked it up and it's an American Lady, or an American Painted Lady. I saw another yellower butterfly outside today but by the time I got there, it was gone. Maybe next time.

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