Friday, July 16, 2010


I stepped outside last night with the dogs, looked up at the robins and saw something stuck to the side of my house. I looked closer and saw that they were frogs! Tree frogs to be exact.

This one is a grey tree frog. You can tell by the yellow on the underside of his thighs.

I don't know if this one is the same kind or not. They come in brown to grey to green, so it could be a grey treefrog even if it's brown.

Why are they stuck to my house? Later in the evening, Robert figured it out. They are right by the livingroom window where we leave a light on all night for the dogs. This attracts lots of bugs and the treefrogs are a-hunting! Here's the grey one from inside the house.

And here's the brown one hanging out on the edge of the window.

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