Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Sunset Cruise

I spent last weekend at Northwood Lake. One of our favorite things to do is to go on a slow cruise around the lake on the boat. Usually we go for a "coffee cruise" in the morning, but Sunday night we went on a "sunset cruise" and were we ever treated to a spectacular display.

It started out iffy because it had been cloudy in the afternoon. We even got a few sprinkles around 4:00. But clouds make the prettiest sunsets sometimes, so we held out hope for a nice one.

I love the rosy glow that the sun gave to our faces.

As it descended into the hills, the sun gave us even more color.

It was a beautiful evening, shared with my family. We got sentimental and missed my dad but for the most part we were very happy that we were together and sharing this beautiful evening.

We knew he'd be happy that we are all happy and are all together.

When I was little and saw a sunset or a pretty cloud, I'd think that my dead grandmother was up there watching me. When I see something like that now, I think my dad is up there too, watching.

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