Thursday, July 01, 2010

So yesterday they came and did the trees. The way they worked was like a well-oiled machine, it was so perfectly choreographed. They took almost all the trees we wanted and we've decided that more should go, as we found a lot of ants infesting the trees. They eat the trees from the inside so you can't tell from the outside whether it's good or not. One tree they took down looked like a doughnut from the end. Kinda scary to think a good wind could bring it down on the house.

After the tree taking, Robert and I went to the baseball game. The Red Sox lost in a large way; Manny Del Carmen gave up hit after hit after hit. Urgh. This is the second time we've seen the Sox play the Rays and both times the Red Sox lost majorly.

I have to say how happy I am with my camera. I could get wide shots and close-ups and most of them are really good! This particular one of Big Papi at bat and Youk on deck is my favorite.

The seats we had were awesome; we could look right down the third base line. It was a fun fun night even with the loss and the traffic on the way home. I love going to baseball games.

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