Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today is the last day for some of our trees. I hate to do it, but it should be done. Some are dead already, such as those behind the bead cottage. With the winds we had this spring and some seemingly healthy trees coming down I have grown more nervous about the pines that surround the house, especially the dead ones. So the tree people are coming tomorrow to do their business. Here are some last pictures of the ones that are fated for removal:

This tree is huge and I worry about it coming down onto my bedroom in every storm

Here are the dead ones behind the bead cottage.

These four that line the driveway probably have very shallow roots.

More dead trees behind the bead cottage.

Three of these trees are going.

In order to get to the trees behind the bead cottage, this double oak has to go.

A panorama of the yard.

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