Sunday, June 06, 2010

Pileated Woodpecker on a dead tree

I'm feeling better about things now, even though it's raining today. It's pretty dark and dreary but it's a peaceful Sunday. I just hope I can convince the dogs that it's a peaceful day. Peaceful. Full of Peace, please. Not full of growling and barking. Thank you. I have a few errands to run - mostly to the grocery store and the farm stand - and then I can make beads and watch baseball at the same time this afternoon.

I used a new tool yesterday on a test bead. I have a $400 bead liner and used that for a while, but then I bought a $200 bead liner and the cheaper one makes the beads come out so much nicer! Go figure. Now I have to decide on whether I should sell the more expensive one or keep it for other things. Decisions, decisions. I'm really surprised at the difference between the results, but happy that I got the second tool. Mimi was the one who showed me the difference, so thanks Mimi!

I've confirmed that there is one chick left in the robin nest. I wonder if it is a cowbird chick that pushed the other two out and the crow picked them up off the ground. This chick seems a little different than the other two. In all the pictures I took, there would be two babies hanging out with their heads above the nest. See yesterday's picture. The other, the third, would not stick his neck out so to speak. It just didn't seem to "match" the other babies in that behavior. This chick is warier than the other two were. It hides at noises that didn't bother the other two. I wonder if it's just a matter of "survival of the fittest" or if in fact it's a different species. I'll be able to tell as it gets older.

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