Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm not sure my heart can take it. The robins are building another nest on the house. It wasn't there yesterday, but all of a sudden today they are both busy building. They've got a good start going here. They must like the spot, because I had Robert remove the old nest after the first babies had fledged. He said it was a very sturdy structure. It came out in one piece and held its shape. I think the birds use mud or saliva or something to glue it all together.

Here, one of the robins just brought some twigs in, placed them, and then sat down inside in order to help the nest conform to her body.

I saw one of the first batch of babies today. It looked just like a robin with a fading white spotted chest. It was foraging for itself, with a little help from a parent from time to time. It was cool seeing it again all grown up. The baby is on the fence in the background and the parent is in the foreground.

The baby:

Here's Mr. Toad, looking for flies.

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