Saturday, June 05, 2010

Oh so much sadness around here. This morning as I was walking into the bathroom, I saw out the window a huge crow fly away from the corner of the house where the robins are with something in its beak. It stopped on a branch to eat. Feeling sick, I rushed downstairs to let the dogs out. The nest looked empty and the parents were flying around the tree where the crow had stopped. My motto is "I hate nature," and this has confirmed it. I think there might be just one baby left. I did see one baby, so I'm hopeful there's more, but I'm not optimistic. I don't know how the crow squeezed into the space where the nest is. It's only about 8 inches tall and the crow was huge. In fact it could have been a raven. Anyway, perhaps a baby fell out or was pushed? I don't think we have any cowbird babies in the robin nest, but it is possible. Whatever the case, I'm holding out hope (remember I'm a Red Sox fan, so my capability for holding out hope is pretty enormous) that all three babies are still there.

I also keep thinking about Sara and how I feel so upset that she has died. All that's left of her is her blog and her posts on the internet. Like Amy said in the comments from yesterday it's hard to read her blog and realize that she's gone. How can she be gone? Her mom just moved down to Atlanta to be near her. What happens now? I feel so awful for her mother and her father.

Not only that but also on the Woofboard there's a bunch of sick dogs, lost dogs, dying dogs. It seems to come in waves and it's a tsunami over there. I think I need to stay away.

On a lighter note, I bought myself a Keurig coffee maker and I have to say that I love it. It came with an assortment of K-cups as well as a fill-your-own K-cup, which I think we'll be using once the included K-cups run out. I hate all that waste and they're not recyclable! Who thought of that? Anyway, I press a button, and out comes the perfect cup of coffee. This will solve our make-12-cups-of-coffee-drink-only-6-cups-throw-away-the-rest problem.

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