Monday, June 28, 2010

This past weekend we took the dogs and went to visit Bob's Mom at Newfound Lake. The weather wasn't so great, but it wasn't bad. We had a nice time. We went to the Bristol Farmers' Market which was fun. I got some handmade wooden pinch bowls for my kitchen and Mrs. Gaimari got some maple syrup bread and some maple sausages, both of which were delicious.

We bring the dogs on walks while we're there. It's fun and good for us too.

Java wanted to ride instead of walk.

Mrs. Gaimari's garden is beautiful this time of year:

Bobby is ready to go! So is the dog. LOL

Bobby (the dog) loved his new water toy, but didn't go in the water. There was a chipmunk hanging out at the dock that held his interest way more than the toys did, so no swimming.

Java is loving her sunbeam and her ballie.

Just hanging out:

Amy came up with a new knob shape that I just love. I have now officially finished the knobs in my kitchen. These last 6 knobs replaced the first batch that I made with glass that was slightly incompatible and had cracks deep inside. They probably would be fine, but I wasn't willing to take the chance. Here's the square disk knob. I think they look spiffy on the doors in a diamond shape.

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