Saturday, June 12, 2010

Here's my new toaster oven. Since we've started eating breakfast at home these days - Didn't I mention that? Yes, we no longer eat breakfast out every day. It saves money, as well as calories, and we have a delicious breakfast in our pajamas. I love not having to get dressed! Anyway, I make these vegetarian sausage patties to go with our Egg Beater omelettes. They're delicious and they're great when you cook them in the oven. So I've been heating up my great big oven in the morning to cook 2 tiny sausage patties for 10 minutes. It seems like a waste of electricity. So I got this amazing toaster oven at - guess where? - QVC! and it came last night. It's pretty great; and has lots of settings as well as convection if you want.

And here's a picture of my Keurig. It's the bomb.

I can't stop watching the baby birds. They are so ready to leave the nest. The larger one today was standing up and stretching its wings, so it is really imminent. I hope I get to see it happen.

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