Thursday, June 10, 2010

The other day my mother said I never mention her in my blog. I'm not sure that's true but if it is, this post will correct that. I just wanted to say how proud of her I am. When my father died it was the worst thing to happen in our lives. I didn't think that any of us would get over it, but we did. Well, I don't think you're ever "over it" but I think that all of us have grown and have survived well despite our profound loss. My mother is amazing. She had never paid the bills before because my father always did it. Now she pays bills online. Yesterday she moved to a beautiful new home near the beach. She's going to love it there. It was almost perfect when she bought it and she had a few things done so now it is perfect.

I went to see her last night - she had just moved so I thought she might like to go out to dinner. We went into Hampton to a place called Ron's Landing. It was yummy and nice to spend some time with my mom.

On a lighter note, my newest solar yard statue came yesterday. Unfortunately today is dark and rainy, so I'll wait until tomorrow to put it outside. I also bought one for four-year-old Elizabeth. She loves fairies and builds gardens for them. The globe part lights up at night. I told you to stop me.

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