Friday, December 03, 2010

I heard from the lady who bought the BT tree and she loves it. She sent me this picture with the tree and her dog. I'm glad she's happy with it. I always worry. Her dog is very cute. I think his name is Vader.

I also have given up on that particular hat I was making. I was having a terrible time with it. I'm a pretty good knitter, but this one was really making me crazy. I was ripping out, knitting, ripping out, knitting. Bleah. Life is way too short, and knitting should be fun. I have ordered myself some different yarn - some of my favorite in fact - Malabrigo Merino. It's so soft and yummy. I also chose a different pattern - one that will need buttons for a decoration. I love Amy's system for making buttons. It is so easy. And fun.

I spent the morning watching TV from my childhood. I found the Poldark series on Netflix streaming, so I watched the first three episodes. Martha and I really liked that Captain Poldark, and 35 years later he's still pretty cute.

Carmen, thanks for giving me the cyber-elbow. I enjoyed the daily posts, too. I will try not to neglect my blog.

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