Tuesday, December 07, 2010

New Hat!

Here is a new crop of buttons. Some are experiments and others will have homes on hand-knitted garments. The red one is for Martha's coat, as I misread the directions and only gave her 5 buttons, when she needed 6. The blue ones are for my hat and cowl. They are Uroboros Alpine Blue with Silver Lake and  House of Blues frit. The square is black with ochre and red ; just an experiment. The black round one with the goldstone swirl is for my sweater coat when I finish it. The two on the front left are Kalypso, reduced and imprinted with a Jim Moore texture stamp. Fun! I had a good time experimenting.

The hat, taken without a flash and with the buttons placed.

The hat, on my head. The buttons have been sewn on. Just in time because it is coooooold out!

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