Friday, November 04, 2011

Oh boy, what to write about. Hmm....

Things are getting back to normal now that we have electricity. The yard people came and took away the branches that fell, along with a couple of trees that they were able to remove. The ones they can't remove will wait for the tree people who are coming on Tuesday.

They also put the net over the pond and placed the recirculator in. This will help keep the pond liquid over the winter. I also need to place a small heater to keep part of the surface open for gas exchange.

I don't know if I mentioned that Robert and I are taking an Italian class. We're going to the local community college. It's fun! I have to write an essay this weekend. Robert and I two of the best students in the class, probably because we are taking it because we want to instead of because it's a requirement. We're also two of the oldest people in the class. Probably even older than the teacher!

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