Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Snowtober is over

So Snowtober is over and now begins November blog-posting month, where the goal is to blog each day in November.

We had a terrible snow storm on Saturday that has knocked out power to my whole town and to 237,000 people in the state. The estimates are a week until we are restored. Here are some pictures of the damage  around my house.

This picture above shows the branch that hit the porch roof on Saturday night. I was out there while Bobby was outside and it hit hard! The problem is that this snow came so early, most of the trees hadn't shed their leaves yet. They acted to catch the heavy, wet, cement-like snow and so the trees really suffered with the weight and just came down. There is a tree down at the back end of the bead cottage. It seems to have missed it by about 6 inches.

Here you can see a branch in the pond. It came off the oak tree on the right. That tree has several branches hanging down by a thread. I'm afraid to go outside because I don't want to get beaned by those branches.

Here's a couple of branches from the oak tree in the dog yard.

Here you can see that the top half of a tree has taken out the electric and cable wires to our house. This is a bummer because having this problem puts us at the bottom of the list to be restored. They are going to work on problems where they can get hundreds and thousands up and running before they work on a problem that will get one household up and running.

Thank goodness the snow is melting. I was genuinely frightened on Saturday night as trees and branches were falling all around us. Luckily none did any damage to us or the dogs. We have a generator so we have heat, light, water and internet. We are fortunate compared to others around here.

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