Monday, November 07, 2011

Robert and I are taking an Italian class this semester at the local community college. It is so painful. Many students don't do their homework and are unprepared for class. It drives me crazy. Maybe it's because I went to law school, but I can't imagine not being prepared. The assignments take an hour, or maybe two, a week. So the same people end up answering the questions in class. I feel bad, but it's either always answer or wait for someone else to volunteer and then struggle because they haven't done the work or studied.

One of the assignments is to do a cultural presentation. We can work in pairs, so we're going to do ours on glass. We only have 10 minutes, so I'm not sure what angle we're going to take on this: history, process, maestri or a little bit of all three. The hard part is it has to be in Italian.

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