Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The game went off with only a 30-minute rain delay. This was a miracle, as we thought no way is this game going to happen as we drove down to Boston through torrential downpours. The Red Sox lost, which sucks, but it was a great pitchers' duel - scoreless until the 7th inning. It was great to be in the crowd. Cheering and screaming with 37,000+ other people is much more effective than me by myself in the living room. Here are some pictures:

The blurry blip on top of the antenna is the Fenway hawk.

This is someone who is waay too excited to be at Fenway.

When we got there, the tarp was on the field. This picture shows how close our seats were. We were in the 8th row up, right behind home plate. Sweet.

Taking off the tarp.

The Green Monstah.

Folding up the tarp:

Beckett on the mound!

Mike Lowell and Manny on deck:

Manny at bat:

Mikey Lowell at bat.

Arizona Diamonbacks' Eric Byrnes. I took this picture for Tanner, the Doofus. Java reads his brother's blog.

Jacoby Ellsbury at bat.

More Jacoby:

Brandon Moss watching a foul ball.

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Amy said...

You look like one happy gal. I'm glad you had fun and the rain didn't ruin anything!

Your studio looks great. I can't wait to see it done!

I read that dog blog. It's quite amusing. I book marked it.